2014 Delta Awards Line

Premios Delta Dlimit

Our Line post was presented in the 2014 Delta Awards and it was a finalist.


The post Line is a simple and elegant model, designed to separate different and minimalist spaces like museums and galleries. Its perfect discretion adapts to its surroundings so that they become the protagonist while mantaining the necessary firmness to delimit the indicated space.


The Line posts are conceived for an intense daily use, which is why they are designed with strong and resistant materials.


The finish of the post and the base can be made in silver, white, black or glossy steel. The semi-elastic cord is available in red, white and grey.


It is also available in different versions: standing (two heights), to spontaneously place wherever it is desired; fixed to the ground, for situations of delimitation more permanent; or fixed to the wall, to finish the delimitation on the wall.