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New ESD collection

In Dlimit we keep working for innovation. That is why we have decided to create a new range of products that are specific for areas with problems regarding static electricity. We want to help our clients keep their workspaces safe. Thus, our metallic ESD barriers have non-conducting parts (floor protective... Continue Reading
postes max dlimit premios delta

2014 Delta Awards Max

Our post Max was also presented in the 2014 Delta Awards it was a finalist.   The Max post is a design with a retracting belt conceived for an ergonomic stacking of the posts when these are not in use.   The cross design of the base allows the posts... Continue Reading
Line Premios Delta 2014

2014 Delta Awards Line

Our Line post was presented in the 2014 Delta Awards and it was a finalist.   The post Line is a simple and elegant model, designed to separate different and minimalist spaces like museums and galleries. Its perfect discretion adapts to its surroundings so that they become the protagonist while... Continue Reading