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Our strongest suit is the complete customization, with the objective of making our product yours.


Select the desired product from the wide range of options that Dlimit offers you.


Customize the colour of the stanchion and the base using the RAL palette.


Customization of the belt; you can choose the colour from the PANTONE palette; you can also print on it any kind of message, like a brand, a logo, an advertisement…


The belts printed with digital inks give you an advertising space where clients have to stand in line.


The use of belts is a very efficient method to catch customers’ attention and convey them your messages; an exceptional place to advertise to a standing crowd.


The low-cost replacement cassettes make it easier for you to continuously update the belts with marketing messages or with sponsors.


The belts printed with digital inks are available for their use with a wide range of DLIMIT products that use retracting belts. You will be able to add texts, graphics, messages and offers with your own design to your queue management products.


The service of belts printed with digital inks from DLIMIT offers you the next advantages:


. Reproduction of the printing in high quality
. Printing with long-lasting inks which do not fade
. High degree of permanency
. Full-colour printing options, without price limitations
. Possibility of printing on one or two sides
. Possibility of subsequently printing on two sides without additional costs
. We can include in the service the design of graphics adapted to your needs
. Short delivery periods: 1 week from the acceptance of the artistic design


DLIMIT has a deep experience in the design of belts and, therefore, offers a design service to prepare customized artistic designs, guaranteeing that its design will not only complement its surroundings, but it will also improve your queuing system.


Two-side printing:


Due to possible issues with transparency, DLIMIT strongly recommends that, if you choose two-side printing, you use a design where the logos on one side fill the spaces of the ones on the other side, instead of them being back to back.


Note: if you choose to use an image placed “back to back”, DLIMIT will not be held responsible for transparency issues.


File format: Corel, Ilustrator, PDF vector