Dterminal Collection
This collection is designed for airports and stations. The collection consists of one part of barriers with extensible tape, posts and wall elements, and another part of rigid structures. These rigid structures can be combined with the retractable tape elements.
Dterminal Collection
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360º head
The new 360º HEADER accessory for the Dterminal™ collection allows you to organize and modify the design of your tail without moving the entire post. With this accessory we achieve that the tape does not suffer unnecessary wear. You pull the end of the tape in the direction you want and the 360º HEADER follows you.
CE marking: Access to the European market
The CE marking guarantees common levels of safety, functionality, durability, energy saving and environmental protection in Europe. The products have been designed, developed and manufactured in Spain.
Certified production
Certification according to ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 14001 for the company's environmental management.
Recyclable products
Our products are made from recyclable materials. Our plastics are 100% recyclable, as are the metal parts made of steel made of steel and cardboard packaging.
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