DOUBLE 10m + 10m

The Double is the pole with the longest tape in the Dsafety™ collection, 20 metres in total. Consisting of two 10-metre plastic-coated textile tape heads oriented at 180°, a high mechanical performance tube and an ultra-flat 38 x 38 cm square base, it achieves a total weight of 11.35kg. This allows for the greater stability needed to stretch the 20 metres of tape.

Its material, mostly recycled polymers, integrates our ShockResisting™ technology that makes it impact resistant.

The pole is available in 4 colours: black, red, yellow and white, all very versatile and popular colours that easily match different spaces and environments. The stretch tape is available in 10 colours: black, red, yellow, white, blue, green, red/white, yellow/black, white/blue and white/green. All these coloured tapes are woven as Nylon taffeta (plasticised textile tape).


Height: 90 cm

Base: 38×38 cm

Tube: Ø7 cm

Head: Ø15 cm

Weight: 11.35 kg

Tape length: 20 m

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