Terminal is the retractable tape pole model of the Dterminal™ collection. Its sleek design and ultra-thin base makes it stand out in any space where it is positioned. All tubes in the Dterminal™ collection are made from an aluminum extrusion. This increases their resistance to impact and twisting.

The Terminal model has three types of posts.

The NORMAL pole which measures 100 cm in total height and has one retractable strap, the DUAL pole which measures 100 cm in total height and has two retractable straps and the MINI pole which measures 65 cm in total and has one retractable strap.

On all poles you can choose a length of 3 or 3.7 m (10 or 12 ft).

You can also include the new 360º HEADaccessory for all versions of the Terminal. This accessory allows you to organize and modify the design of your tail without moving the entire post. This keeps the tape from unnecessary wear and tear. You pull the end of the tape in the direction you want and the 360º HEADSET follows you.


Height: 100 cm / 65 cm
Base: 35 cm ø x 1 cm ↕
Weight: 9 kg
Tube: 8 cm ø outside
Tape length: 3 m / 3.7 m

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360º head


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